Greenhouse Plans

Do you have a Green thumb?  Do you want a place to grow your plants year round, but it is too cold where you live?  Building a greenhouse might be the answer to your plans.

Greenhouse plans are all over the internet, but do want to trust such an important project to some free plans you found on the internet?

I found a place that has over a dozen greenhouse plans with step by step instructions with pictures and videos to boot.  They also have material lists, to make sure you have everything you need to start building your greenhouse.

The two websites are:Greenhouse Plans

Teds Woodworking Plans (My Personal Choice)

My Shed Plans

Important Notice: The two websites mentioned above do not specialize in greenhouse diagrams.  They have many blueprints in all areas of woodworking.  Their selection is huge.

Things to Consider:

There are different types of greenhouses that you can build.  Teds woodworking plans has layout designs from small backyard pvc greenhouses up to Victorian style greenhouses that are just beautiful.  No matter how big you want your greenhouse to be, Teds woodworking plans has the layout and material list to make it happen.

Greenhouse Building Tip:

When building you greenhouse location is very important.  Try to pick a site that will not be in a boggy wet area, and try to keep it in a level place if possible to make building easier.  If you build down from a slope you may need to add a drain to divert water away from your building.

Building Tip #2:

Some questions that should be answered before you decide what size of greenhouse to build.

  1. What size plants are you planning to grow?
  2. How much space is needed to accommodate the amount of plants you plan on having?
  3. Is this greenhouse just for growing plants or will it be used for other things such as a sunroom?

Find Out More…

The information I have included here will definitely save you a few hours of searching online, but it will not get your greenhouse built.

If you are serious about building a greenhouse, I recommend you go to Teds Woodworking and check out the numerous greenhouse plans he has and find out more information for yourself.

Click here to check out Teds Woodworking Website

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2 Responses to “Greenhouse Plans”

  1. James Shield says:

    Can you tell me what types of greenhouse plans are included in teds woodworking? I am not looking to build anything fancy like the Victorian one you mention, but I would like it to hold up to our winters here in Michigan.


    • Randy says:

      This is one area that Ted has covered. There are at least 30 different designs for greenhouses. You are sure to find one that will fit your needs.

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