Choosing The Wood for Your Project

Choosing the correct wood for your woodworking project will help ensure that your time spent will end in success. Some woods naturally lend themselves better toward a certain type of project.

Cost and availability in your local area will also determine what wood you go with. If you looking to build something that will be outdoors cedar tends to be the way to go. It is usually cheap choice if you live in the middle of the United States, but if you live on the west coast then redwood will probably be your choice.

People in the south tend to use cypress when building outsite projects.  If you want to know what your finished wood will look like, add some mineral spirits to a scrap portion of the wood you are going to use. This can show you what the finished color will be.

Here is my rundown of some types of wood might consider using.types of wood

Walnut-has very dark tones and the grain is usually straight. It is fairly easy to work with, but can be expensive.

Maple-Very light colored when clearcoated, very straight and tight grain also.  It is very durable, but can be hard to work with. Fairly inexpensive.

Red Oak-Can be very expensive and is loved in todays marketplace. It is has a very beautiful red color and is easy to work with. 

Pine-A fairly cheap and easy to work with wood type. It comes in white and yellow and has strong grain patterns.

White Oak-A very nice hardwood with appearance you will remember. Used a lot in building furniture and boats. Moderate price and workablility.

Ash-Is readily available, very cheap and fairly easy to work with. It is often used to replicate other more expensive hardwoods.

2 Responses to “Choosing The Wood for Your Project”

  1. Jim Station says:

    I live here in the midwest, what wood do you recommend for building a deck?

    • Randy says:

      Pressure treated wood is the best, find out what is available in your area that doesn’t break the bank. Stay away from lowes, menards, ect, and go to a lumberyard. You will get better wood at a better price and they will deliver to your construction site.

      thanks for the question

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